FeigBusters-Ghostbusters 2016 - a wrap up

So...here we are.

way back in january, 2015.. i made a rant.  I said that Paul feig, and his cast of supposedly hilarious women where the wrong choice for this movie.  that we where going to get a man bashing film filled with dick jokes, fart jokes, and low brow humor.


Fast Forward to 2016, I was right. only it was far worse than that.

The film started off with a tweet. 'Get ready for Four Funny Females Busting ghosts!' or something to that effect...since i can no longer find the original tweet.   Right off the bat, this film started wrong. emphasizing women over ghostbusting.    Soon after this tweet, Ernie Hudson, an ORIGINAL and ONLY Ghostbuster, posted his true thoughts on the subject, saying 'I don't think it's what fans want'.  No sooner than 3 hours later, his tweet got deleted, and a hilarious sony written tweet appeared in it's place, suddenly supporting the movie.


During the course of the last 2 years or so, we've had the following.

- Sony leaks showing Paul Feigs 'brilliant ideas' about alien ghosts and ghost t rexes (he later did an interview saying he only put this in because he knows how Hollywood thinks and thought this would get their attention.  Back peddle Harder, Paul).

-Sony leaks showing Pascal and Feg making fun of all the people complaining.
-Sony leaks threatening to sue bill murray (the man who caused it to get to this point) if he didn't do the movie.

-The Movie suspiciously getting fast tracked after Harold Ramis' death. Ivan Reitman and Dan Aykroyd being ignored and almost pushed off the project.  Now Aykroyd and rightman have to pretend to like feig, and lie about how much they love this movie.  Bill Murray's reaction after a clip shown on Kimmel sums it up perfectly.  notice he only smiled after mcarthy looked at him.  Dan Aykroyds pathetic FB post about 'man fans'...I still love ya dan, but outright lying isn't helping your cause, even if you signed an NDA and wouldn't bash a movie franchise you own.

- Tom Rothman (the man who thought deadpool wouldn't be a hit) trashing and F Bombing fans.

-Paul Feig Cracking under pressure and calling all fans assholes, and going on swearing twitter rants (rather than blocking idiots who cause problems)

-Leslie jones going on twitter rants, and doing odd un intelligible interviews saying America needs to dumb itself down, especially in comedy.

-Mellisa Mcarthy trashing fans any chance she gets, the latest one saying fans are dateless losers who are 45 years old and live in their parents basement (so original. apparently its' still ok to trash nerds in 2016. so much for equality, and progressiveness, right?)

-A Cancelled NYC Premier.

- A FallOut Boy song so bad that even movie supporters feel it's ok to trash it.

-Review Embargos extended until days release.  critic screenings only happening NOW.

-Toys ALREADY on a clearance rack, because no one is scrambling for that elusive leslie jones and mellisa mcarthy action figure.

- Supporters of the movie who feel that the only way to defend what they love is to trash 'haters', or twist their words to make them feel foolish, or to otherwise avoid answering direct questions with double talk, or turning the conversation into a 180 direction.  I can admit there are things i liked about the movie, can they do the same with things they hated?

And SOOOO many other instances that are too numerous to count. mostly a male hate campaign instigated by sony, paul feig, and amy pascal.

I Implore you, DO NOT REWARD PEOPLE FOR THIS BEHAVIOR.   I am thankful that people wised up and avoided Bay Turtles 2, after the first one made an appalling $450 million and meghan fox called fans who hated it fucking assholes.  DO NOT LET MEDIOCRITY and down right Childish behavior clean up at the box office.  send hollywood a message that you are tired of reboots that don't honor what has come before, and are so different in tone that they might as well be something new.


If you MUST see it, go into one of those huge amc theaters..buy a ticket for something else, and go into feigbusters. no one will care. that's what i plan to do, if only to see how  bad it truly is.   also, i'm curious on audience reaction.  not die hard ghostbuster fan boys who will love anything with a logo on it and spend $1,000's in plane tickets and hotel bookings to see a premier in LA. I'm talking about the average audience this movie is probably meant for.  Will they boo?  will they be stone silent?  will more than half the theater be filled opening night? will they even walk out and demand their money back?


It'll be very interesting to see general public reaction.  But, to sum things up, PLEASE DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY.  Go see secret life of Pets instead.