New Year, New Stuff


Trying to get into the 3D Printing business....  The above Leonardo Statue stands ten inches tall and costs about $550's printed fromShapeways, and it is now yours to order!  you will have to paint it when it arrives, but hopefully yours will look better than mine did. 

 I am still new to Shapeways and how they do business.  The Mask on Leonardo did not survive the print in prototype form, but I'm hoping it will with subsequent prints and the improvements made.     Also, I am not entirely sure how Shapeways measures things for their prints.  I submited an 8 inch model for the prototype, but it came back 11 inches.  I submited a 9 inch model for the final version, so it may very well come back to you 11 inches, and at the price point of $550, it damn well better.

There is also a smaller, more affordable version of Leonardo available for purchase at $127. That SHOULD print out at a smaller 5 inches.  

You can Order Leonardo in 11 inch form here

and the 5 inch form here

I have not ordered from these new links if anyone does,PLEASE post photos of how the model changes turned out, and how your paint job went!