New York Comic Con

New York Comic Con is getting worse and worse every year......

This year we had that pointless NYSW thing.   and the biggest event they had for that, was a Star Trek: Next Gen Panel.  At least folks got to get into this one and garunteed, even if they had to shell out an extra $176 on top of a NYCC ticket price.   I tell you, the bigger cons get, the more greedy, and stupid, and short sighted they get.  The first two years of NYCC where a Paradise. I took a break and came back in 2012...and it turned into just like what San Diego is. Maybe not as bad, but getting there.


Anyway, some kind soul was nice enough to get some video from this panel.  I'm glad because unless I got there at 7AM on Saturday, I had NO hope of getting into the NYCC Patrick STewart panel.